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Used Roasters For Sale

We help roasters sell and repurpose their used roasters to the Canadian roaster community.  We also refurbish roasters to ensure they are in top shape for their next stage of ownership.

Coffee Beans
Do you need roaster maintenance?
If you need help with your coffee roaster for repairs, maintenance, moving, ducting, afterburner services please contact:
Doug Graf

Doug Graf is the most experienced roaster service technician in North America and assists roasters with all makes of coffee roasters.  He teaches roaster maintenance at SCA conferences and Roasters Guild events.

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​Many used equipment items are owned and listed by owners other than Canadian Roaster Equipment (CRE), thus the accuracy of the information is based on the information provided to CRE by the owners listing the products for sale.  CRE only provides a listing service for the used equipment and takes no responsibility for the accuracy or the transaction experience with the owner of the equipment.  CRE uses this site to bring sellers and buyers together that are focused on the coffee roasting industry in Canada.

Price and payments subject to change at anytime​


Text or call: 1-855-908-0086 


San Fransican SF6 (6 lb) roaster and venting.
SG-6 roaster and SS ducting.jpg


San Franciscan SF-6, 6lb coffee roaster.

  • Handmade in Carson City, Nevada.

  • Exceedingly well made, easy to use and easy to maintain.

  • Excellent conditioned, professionally maintained

  • Digital data logging

  • Including backup main drive motor

12' of Jeremias polished stainless steel, double-walled, venting.

This venting is mandatory to commission the roaster to start roasting.

Crated and ready to ship, located in Western Canada.

SanFran 6 roastery
Giesen W6 and Inproheat afterburner - For Sale!
  • 2011 Giesen Natural Gas W6 - 6 kg

  • Inproheat afterburner

  • Available in Vancouver, BC

  • Well maintained

  • Excellent startup roastery package


Email us below for pricing and more information.

Giesen w6
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Probat G60 with afterburner and green loader-SOLD!

2002 Probat G60, Maxon afterburner and loader for sale in Western USA

Video in operation before decommissioning.

This 60kg (1 bagger) Probat commerical roaster, afterburner and green loader has been professionally crated and is ready for shipping.

Both units are fitted to natural gas.

Equipment has been regulary maintained. 

Located in Pacific NorthWest USA.​

2018 InproHeat afterburner for sale - rooftop model

InproHeat afterburner for sale in Western Canada

It was used for a 24kg coffee roaster.

Located on Vancouver Island BC

Please inquire for pricing.  

Coffee Tech Engineering Ghibli 15kg roaster with custom built afterburner for sale - Available Now - REDUCED!!

The roaster was manufactured in 2012. Afterburner designed and manufactured by Combustion Solutions Inc (Squamish BC). Roaster and afterburner installed and maintained by Combustion Solutions and has Site Appliance Approval (Technical Safety BC) as a single system. Engineering drawings and associated documentation will be provided to support your installation process.


  • Roaster is 15kg capacity, and works well with 10-12kg sized batches.  Purchased in 2015.

  • Upgraded to fully modulating burner. New burner element from OEM supplier.  The roaster has variable airflow and drum speed.

  • Roaster has 2 probes, for bean temp and drum air temp. 3 unused optional probe ports: exhaust air, bean temp (original location), drum air. Probes connected to Phidgets 1048 board, compatible with Cropster, Roastmaster, Artisan, etc.

  • Drum upgraded from stock to Coffee tech Engineering 'Vortex Drum'.

  • Gear boxes for drum and cooling agitators both upgraded to high quality Italian units.
    Very powerful cooling fan.

  • Afterburner is a thermo-catalytic oxidizer with combustion analysis ports above and below catalyst. Vessel is double insulated. Operating temperature ~470C, safety shutoff limit 600C. Recent combustion analysis results available on request. Exhaust regularly tests at 0 ppm CO and no complaints of smell from neighbors.

    Catalyst element is manufactured in WI, USA, and is easily removable for inspection.

    Contact information for all relevant manufacturers for maintenance purposes will be provided with sale.

Toper 2.5 kg Propane Gas Coffee Roaster - Off Market
  • Used condition

  • Propane gas

  • 2.5 kg Toper coffee roaster

  • Chaff cyclone included

  • Safety surround grates on drum and chaff cyclone

  • owner has not installed this unit to verify functionality

  • a great starter roaster size and flexible install using propane

  • financing available through Steven Robb OAC

  • 5 yr lease available OAC 


1 available in Central Canada


Toper 15 kg Gas Coffee Roaster For Sale - Available Now SOLD
  • Used condition

  • Natural gas

  • 15 kg Toper coffee roaster

  • Chaff cyclone included

  • Decommissioned and ready to ship from Ontario

  • In storage for a year, will need some maintenance

  • Other various brewing equipment available with purchase including a Malkonig Guatemala grinder

  • financing available through Steven Robb OAC

  • 5 yr lease available OAC 


available in Ontario Canada

Email for pricing please - well priced in Canadian dollars

Vortx 450, roaster smoke & odour eliminator, in Western Canada!   SOLD
  • Available now in Western Canada

  • can be shipped anywhere in Canada

  • financing available through Steven Robb OAC

  • 5 yr lease available OAC 

  • Vortx 450 Ecofilter smoke eliminator

  • email us for pricing.

15 kg Victory Roaster with afterburner
Excellent Value! SOLD
  • 15kg / 33 lb capacity
  • Roast profiling software by Roaster Authority

  • Only used for 1.5 years and stored since 2008

  • Can be set up for propane or natural gas

  • Both drum bearings will be replace upon delivery

  • must be certified at new site install (can be facilitated)

  • can be shipped anywhere in Canada

  • financing available through Steven Robb OAC

  • 5 yr lease available $685/month OAC 

Probat UG22 Coffee Roaster, pre 1958
  • Original build date: 1955

  • Re-build date: 2009 by Giesen Coffee Roaster, Netherlands

  • Built to spec for an award winning Canadian coffee roaster

  • Ultra-rare UG 15, once in a lifetime find with modern updates

  • Main electrical: 208VAC/60Hz/3Ph/6.8 Amps. Compatible with USA.

  • Control electrical: 115VAC/60Hz/1Ph/3Amps. Compatible with USA

  • System integration: Single motor system with v-belt to drive shaft for drum and flat-belts for hot air exhaust and cooling fans.

  • Recommended Input Gas Pressure: 10-11 inches H2O (25-27 mbar). Compatible with USA.

  • Roaster Power: 280,00 btu/h

  • Burner Type: 14 x original ceramic-top Venturi burners with 0.05" orifices (for natural gas, easy to swap in propane orifices though).

30 Kg Sivetz fluid bed coffee roaster
Super Value ! SOLD
  • 30kg / 66 lb capacity

  • famous for it's consistent roast profile

  • well maintained

  • includes green loader

  • ready to ship

  • must be certified at new site install (can be facilitated)

  • can be shipped anywhere in Canada

  • financing available through Steven Robb OAC

  • 5 yr lease available OAC 

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Equipment Financing Available

Contact Steven Robb from Solay Leasing for all financing options for roasters and other cafe equipment.  Only contact for financing options.


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